It is with great joy that the NGHNA and SouthCare Cremation & Funeral Society announces Pat Connon, from Agape Hospice, recipient of the Hospice Caregiver Award. The award, along with a $100 gift card, was presented to Pat by David Kirkland of SouthCare at the quarterly NGHNA dinner on May 12th.

Pat was nominated by Deb Eikey and Faye Miller both of whom are hospice nurses at Agape Hospice, they each described her with these words…

I am commending Pat Connon RN for outstanding hospice staff member. She not only cares for her patients and their families, she shows commitment to the nursing home staff by her example of kindness and humor. A twinkle in her eye and a smile when she asks..." and how are YOU doing today?" She gives a sincere reply of hope and encouragement," that things will get better!" Listening with heart and a sharp mind to pick up what is not being said...make her an excellent teacher, hospice nurse and example to co-workers and the community she serves.

How many times have I heard her say," "I wake up, review if there is any (personal) illness that would keep me away from work, then I go to work! I am here to help."

I am proud to work with Pat.

Her compassion, love and dedication. Many hours of work. She has a heart of gold.

Pat is from Ireland but doesn’t have the “Irish temper”. She and her family immigrated here when she was just entering college. She graduated from Boston with a Bachelor of Science in Nursing and has spent the last 53 years as a nurse. About four years ago she was looking for a change and came across an ad for a hospice nurse. She now says she wishes she had found hospice nursing sooner. She calls it her “vocation” and she loves it.