Travel Plan

What is Travel Plan by Inman™

With the Travel Plan by Inman, if a participant dies 75 miles or more away from home the cost of transporting them home is covered.

For a one-time fee Travel Plan by Inman is affordable, costing only $450 for a lifetime of coverage should you pass 75 miles away from home.

What is covered by the Plan?

– Contacting a licensed funeral home or professional embalming service center near the place of death

– Transporting the deceased from the place of death to the funeral home or service center for preparation

– Preparation of the deceased for transport

– Securing all documentation for shipping including one death certificate

– Placing the deceased in appropriate shipping container

– Tender to the airport for return to the airport closest to their legal residence that is capable of receiving human remains including airfare

Are there any conditions with this Plan?

- The Travel Plan by Inman does not cover medical tourism.

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